The November Shopping Challenge


EN: Ok, so I am trying really, really hard not to shop. I decided to stop shopping for a month, so no more clothes, shoes, hats, necklaces or  anythings that make life a little bit brighter. This decision came to me once I realized that my closet is overflowing with things I have never worn, so until I put on all the shoes, blazers & tops that I have hanging in my closet I won’t be making any new reckless purchases. Since this is the second week of my “rehab” treatment, I’m looking forward to seeing how much money I can save up in 31 days of “abstinence”.  I’m also looking forward to the sales in December:))

How long have you guys ever gone without shopping?

RO: Am zis ca luna asta nu trec prin magazine. Pe langa faptul ca nu mai am loc in dressing de bluze, fuste si pantofi, am revenit la prostul obicei de a purta cam aceleasi haine, astfel m-am trezit cu un dulap intreg de lucruri pe care nu le-am imbracat vreodata. In noiembrie reciclez! E dificil la “dezintoxicare”, s-a deschis un H&M pe Lipscani, pe 14 se lanseaza Isabel Marant pentru H&M, s-a deschis un mall nou, pe net sunt reduceri la pantofi… suferinta mare. Dar in decembrie prindem reduceri;)

Voi cat ati stat cel mai mult fara sa mergeti la cumparaturi?

Back in Paris


You have to admire the three muses! For some reason, there were a lot of people waiting in line to get their picture taken with this marble statue . I guess everybody wanted inspiration.


As a devoted shoe addict, I decided (in a moment of pure genius) to wear high heels, really high and difficult to walk in heels. In this photo I had already changed into a pair of flip-flops.


I also met the future of fashion, Ji, with her gorgeous lavender/silver hair! Napoleon’s apartments don’t really match our outfits…


And here’s a photo I might have to delete because my best friend will 100% object to being on the blog:(( But it’s one of the very few photos I have from that day where you can see more than my hat.


Top: New Yorker/ Skirt: H&M/ Belt: Zara/ Hat: H&M / Bag: Random/ Shoes (which you can’t see in any picture…): &  random flip-flops

Thank you for reading!

Halloween Frenzy! What to Do&Where to Shop


Halloween is one of America’s biggest holidays and it’s easy to see why: you get to mix candy, trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, with wearing costumes and crazy parties. In Romania, Halloween is a new craze, which has quickly been embraced by teenagers and students, as it gives us a fun reason to party and dress up! It may not be a national holiday, but we still love to let our imagination go wild, play dress up, spend time with our friends and rediscover childhood fantasies .


Unfortunately we don’t have a great variety of costumes to choose from as we don’t have many stores that sell/rent costumes, but there are some online shops that specialize in Halloween/carnivals. On and you can discover a variety of costumes like: vampires, angles, demons, witches, pirates and even some characters from different stories like Red Queen, Alice, Snow White. Also, is an exclusive “party”/fun stuff shop. has a large variety of costumes, Halloween decorations, accessories and Halloween make-up (who doesn’t like fake blood and yucky green slime?). We even found some masks in H&M! (that’s Diana in the picture with the gold mask).


Many people go for face painting and home made costumes, which is a pretty nice idea since you don’t waste time and money on something that you will probably never wear again, you can watch a make-up tutorial online and maybe use an outfit from your own closet (I tried the Black Swan makeup last year).

Weather or not you embrace the Halloween spirit, everyone likes a good party, so here are some possible destinations.

A nice Halloween destination is the Bran Castle where you can receive a nocturnal tour of the castle from Dracula, watch the movie “Nosferatu” and do black vodka shots at the After Party.Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your city in order to have a great time this weekend. Every club is celebrating Halloween!

Bucharest has some of the coolest events, one of which is organized at the Bragadiru Palace under the title “Halloween or not….we party!”.  Also, if you are a Bamboo regular, you can attend their annual Halloween party.

bran_castleIf you want nothing more than a nice weekend out with someone special, you can go to Hollywood Multiplex, where you can participate at a lovely horror movie night.

The Lipscani area also provides a great variety of theme parties so if you don’t have anything planned just get dressed,go a little wild with the make-up and go out in the historical center of Bucharest, scouting for the best party.

Written by Diana

Edit by Liana

This is a Team Rocket project.